The Launch of the INVEST’HER Project

We are proud to announce our partnership in the INVEST’HER PROJECT, which launched on International Women’s Day 2024, a groundbreaking initiative that is set to make a lasting impact on the world of women entrepreneurship and innovation. This project, funded by the European Union is a gender-conscious project to support female-led companies for growth and sustainability.

It aims to foster knowledge-sharing and synergies between gender-conscious innovation stakeholders (e.g. Policy and decision-makers, Capital providers, Business acceleration providers) in order to support women-led startups and companies.

The project aims to transform less connected territories into recognised and attractive innovation hubs, create bridges between EU innovation ecosystems to increase access to capital, raise the number of gender-conscious investors to support women-led companies, and boost women entrepreneurship.

By building a supportive network of investors who understand and champion gender diversity, we can create a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial landscape.

Project objectives set for next 24 months:
🗺 1) Transform less connected territories into attractive innovation valleys
🚀 2) Create bridges between EU innovation ecosystems
💵 3) Raise the number of gender conscious investors in Europe for support to women-led companies
👩‍💻 4) Boost female entrepreneurship

Our consortium, comprised of 10 strategic partners, coming from 8 countries (Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden, France, Portugal, Greece, Slovakia and Denmark) brings together a wealth of expertise in innovation and female entrepreneurship. Each partner plays a unique and valuable role, contributing specialised knowledge and resources to ensure the success of the project.

Join us in celebrating the launch of the INVEST’HER PROJECT and witness the power of collaboration, innovation, and female entrepreneurship in action. Together, we can break down barriers, drive meaningful change, and pave the way for a more inclusive and vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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