“Each financing stage has its amount and investors. Don’t try to skip a step. And go to external funding as a last resort. You’ll waste time doing it too early”. Q&A Aram Attar, Founder of The VC Factory & Accelerator Industry Expert

Aram Attar speaks to us about his current role as Founder of The VC Factory

Aram will be speaking at our “Meet Our Industry Experts” webinar on Tuesday 10th February 2022 at 11am-12:00pm GMT

Please tell us a little about yourself and your experience within venture capital?

I’ve been working in private equity since 2006, and investing as a professional since 2008. I’ve realized, over the years, over 50 transactions across VC, growth equity, LBO, and M&A.

Why did you found The VC Factory?

My objective is to train VCs and Founders with a focus on cognitive biases (leading to the lack of diversity, among others) and awareness of mental health issues.

Is there ever a right moment, to start raising funds?

Yes. Later than most Founders think. Each financing stage has its amount and investors. Don’t try to “skip a step”. And go to external funding as a last resort. You’ll waste time doing it too early.

What advice would you give female entrepreneurs that maybe struggling to raise funds?

Make it hard for VCs to pass on you. Learn the trade, build a great company at your stage, use their language (data-driven communication is a good start), and be conscious of their mental biases.

Any advice on possible funding pathways to avoid?

Make sure the company you are building is true to your personal objectives. Don’t go into the VC “game” because others do it.

What is your thoughts on the Grit International Female Accelerator and why did you decide to get involved in the programme?

I believe that the most damaging cognitive bias leading to the lack of diversity in VC is representativeness: a mental shortcut that wrongly leads many Investors (some unconsciously) to believe a successful Founder needs to be male and white with a degree in computer science. We need to have, and advertise, more successful female Founders, and train more female VCs, so that this image changes.

As an industry expert-what topic/topics will you be delivering?

Fundraising and the pitch deck

What’s a typical work day like for you?

6am to 7am: be with family until they go to school
7am to 9am: work on my doctorate on the entrepreneurs’ psychology
9am to 10am: mix of brisk walking in fresh air and physical exercises
10am to 12pm: work on thevcfactory.com
12pm to 2pm: lunch break + nap (very important!)
2pm to 6-7pm: client work to fund the rest of the day’s activities

Any final thoughts?

Can’t wait to start, share and learn from the program’s entrepreneurs!

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