March 2024 Grit Newsletter

The Launch of INVEST’HER Project

As part of International Women’s Day, we were delighted to launch the INVEST'HER PROJECT in the beautiful Sofia, funded by the European Union.

INVEST'HER is a gender-conscious project to support female-led companies for growth and sustainability. It aims to foster knowledge-sharing and synergies between gender-conscious innovation stakeholders (e.g. Policy and decision-makers, Capital providers, Business acceleration providers) in order to support women-led startups and companies.

To learn more about Invest'Her Project click on to the below link:

"EmpowerHer: Elevate to Excellence" Conference

Our CEO Diane Nevin had the pleasure of speaking at the conference "EmpowerHer: Elevate to Excellence" for women's entrepreneurship and improving the business environment for women. The conference was in partnership between The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the European Female Founder Forum. And it took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the occasion of International Women's Day, on March 8th.

Congratulations to all the amazing organisers, co-panelists, conference speakers, and the European Female Founder Forum for running such an inspirational and successful event.

Interview with Brid Hallinan, Director Global Supply Chain at Boston Scientific Ireland

"Women in developing countries suffer from social and cultural biases like nothing we experience here. The road to gender parity is long and complex but as I woman I feel a duty and obligation to play my part."

In honor of Women's International Day, we are privileged to share an insightful Q&A interview with Brid Hallinan, Director of Global Supply Chain at Boston Scientific Ireland.

Click the link to discover her valuable insights and empowering story.

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