Announcing Grit’s New Ambassador, Karin Gabriel

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We are privileged to officially welcome to the team, our newest ambassador, Karin Gabriel.

Karin has over 15 years of international experience in developing and leading programs, as well as building communities focused on human-centric innovation and emerging technologies. Her diverse portfolio spans from accelerators and hackathons to educational workshops and corporate innovation initiatives.

Her international journey has taken her from Austria to India and the United Arab Emirates. As the former Program Lead of Dubai Future Accelerators at the Dubai Future Foundation, Karin had the pleasure of collaborating with over 150 tech startups and scale-ups worldwide, fostering collaborative projects with local government organizations and companies.

Following her tenure in Dubai, she joined Ars Electronica in Austria to spearhead a new department dedicated to professional training programs focused on emerging technologies for private and public sector organizations, as well as academia.

In her current role at TGW Logistics Group, she leads Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management.

As a passionate event moderator and storyteller, Karin is driven by curiosity to explore the societal impact of emerging technologies and to envision future scenarios.

LinkedIn Page: Karin Gabriel

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