How Can I Apply?

Applications are currently open and will close on 26th February 2024. Please submit your interest and company details through the F6S button below.

How is the Grit Accelerator different than other programs?

This program core difference lies in its ability to support female founders, working in digital health and life science industries. We provide the knowledge and steps to access VC funding within these industries. And provide a network of global VC introductions and supports.

Female founders gain a greater understanding of the many challenges faced, when working outside their home market. And build lifelong relationships with other international female participants.

Is there any cost or equity taken?

The Grit accelerator is equity free.

However, we do require full commitment to the program from all participants. We therefore take a commitment fee of €500.

We also take an investment achievement fee. The investment achievement fee is taken from investment raised within 18 months from the beginning of the program. Our team is available to discuss this fee further.

What types of companies does the program look for?

We are interested in technologies and services that can positively impact digital health and life science. Companies that have some form of proof of concept, seeking supports to redefine their business models and raise VC investment.

What is the right stage of company for this program? Are we too far along?

Grit Accelerator can be a good fit for companies with a functional prototype-to established commercially deployed products. Ideally, companies that already have a product and some traction.

Funding also varies widely. Some companies, may have raised anywhere from a few thousand euro to larger funding. Ultimately, we are interested in highly promising companies who are in growth mode. Please feel free to talk with us and we can help you determine whether we are the right fit for you!

How is the program structured?

Our program is a 8 week program with 32 online meetings and program content delivered by industry experts

What countries can apply to participate in this program?

Any female founder or diverse teams-based in the UK and the EU can apply.


Our program will be delivered in English.

When does the program start?

Applications are currently open. Please submit your interest and company details through the F6S button or Google Form below.

Please note; we only accept full-time founders, we do not accept companies that are still in the idea stage or that have part-time founders.

Still have further questions?

Please contact us on

We look forward to hearing from you!