April 2022 Grit International Female Accelerator Newsletter

Grit International Accelerator Programme

We were super excited to announce the launch of the first cohort for the Grit international accelerator programme.

 Congratulations to all the companies that were selected to be part of the programme. We are currently working with these companies and preparing for their future funding journey. 

This cohort has representation from female founders working in Digital Health, Life Science, Healthcare Product Solutions, Equitech and Pharma from over 6 EU countries and the UK.

International Women's Day 2022

Grit celebrated Women’s International Day with an amazing panel of female experts.

Interview with Gavin Shorten

Please read our recent interview with Grit Programme Partner, Gavin Shorten, Ireland Lab Innovation Program Leader for IBM.

Open for new applications in June 2022

We will be opening for new applications in June 2022. Please submit your interest and company details through the F6S button or Google From below.

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