Our Mission

Bridging the gap in gender divide and promoting
gender equality for females raising investment in
healthcare and life science industries

Diane Nevin

CEO & Program Director

Laila Engkat

Communication and Events Manager

Diane Nevin

CEO & Program Director

Eilísh Hardiman

Chief Executive at Children’s Health Ireland

Barbara Skerritt

Senior Director, Innovation Delivery at ICON plc-Ireland

Sarita Johnston

Director, Business Planning at Capstone Business Advisors Limited

Anna King

Commercial Director at Health Innovation Network-NHS South London UK

Conor Russell

Vice President of Operations at Boston Scientific Ireland

P.J Moloney

CEO & Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Director at P4ML, Dubai UAE

Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson

Professor of Health and Welfare Technology Malardalen University-Sweden

Kristina Eskenazi

Founder of Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria & Chair of Bulgarian Bio-Scientific Society Artificial Intelligence-Bulgaria

Hrvoje Belani

Head of Sector for IS Implementation and Improvement at Directorate for e-Health at Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia