Cohort 2023


We are creating a self-help app for helping new mothers go beyond postpartum depression for the period of 14 weeks.

Using evidenced-based methods and a variety of psychological approaches for creating better motherhood. Every week tackles a different problem, via psychoeducation at the beginning and coping strategies at the end of the week.

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Telegenz is a unique tele-skills training platform that caters to remote small group training. Through synchronous, real or simulated engagement, this platform empowers both institutions and individuals with an innovative approach to train their teams in tele-skills, promoting safe and quality remote professional practices.

Its intuitive and customisable interface facilitates structured sessions and feedback in both training and assessment modes, while ensuring compliance with global data privacy regulations.

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IAMENO. is a preventative end-to-end hormonal health management platform leveraging technology and data to identify and keep track of the perimenopausal progression with personalized insights and programs, connection to the right medical experts, curated science-backed data, personal experiences and everything a woman needs to take care of her body’s major functionalities while preventing more serious outbacks.

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nen has been founded to help kids with cancer, their families and HCPs with pain management.

nen is developing a DTx to address pain management through play, leveraging gamification approaches and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to modulate pain and improve their overall wellbeing and outcomes.

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Beyond You

Beyond You is a blood test that analyzes the RNA levels to examine the expression of all genes in the genome associated with over 360 different metabolic pathways.

Through artificial intelligence, we are capable of detecting early alterations with just a blood sample.

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Miyara Health

Our mission is to be a friend through a women's health journey by raising awareness and empowering them with solutions to be in control of their health.

The aim is to have women own their health by making educated decisions based on understanding the real science of their body and things around that affect them.

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Varient is free, private, and objective. We will provide the proof to pharma companies, researchers, and all those with an interest in developing treatments for rare disease patients, that there are real people and real numbers that need better medicines – or cures.

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Nua Fertility

Nua Fertility is an innovative Irish company who are passionate about Fertility Health, Education, Community and Pioneering world-class fertility supplements that focus on the microbiome to optimise fertility health.

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Doctor Kimchi - Smart Microbiome Management

Human gut bacteria (microbiome) play a critical role in maintaining physical and mental health, but most Westerners lead a lifestyle that is damaging to gut health. As a result, 100s of millions of people suffer from preventable diseases caused by wrong nutrition.

Doctor Kimchi believes that this problem should be solved with a systemic, end-to-end approach. Our offering includes a structured microbiome testing approach, a user-friendly app to deliver actionable insights to consumers, and personalised functional foods delivering the right dietary microbes and prebiotics to improve the individual microbiome.

Our customers are health-conscious consumers, patients, as well as businesses investing into employee health programs.

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At Shela, our collective expertise in OB-GYN, AI, and Omics allows us to develop comprehensive multi-disciplinary platform for predicting and preventing women's health complications.

Our end-to-end solution allows women to shift from reactive to PROACTIVE care, starting from pregnancy and beyond. We are addressing the strong link between pregnancy complications and lifelong health risks by bringing patients and clinicians together through Shela's app.

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Despite decades of technological advancements in medicine, safely integrating and accessing personal health data anytime from anywhere in the world is a challenge.

The ability for both patients and medical professionals to have access to critical and comprehensive health information when lives are on the line, is paramount.

At B1OS™ we have solved that challenge. We are putting control of health information in the hands of the individual to whom it belongs.


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