Meet our 2022 Cohort 2


Gate2Brain is a young biotechnology company created in July 2020, which thanks to its patented technology to transport drugs to the brain could improve therapies for central nervous system diseases.

The first indication that could benefit from the technology is in the field of pediatric brain tumors. The company was created with the investment of the Mind the Gap program from the Botín Foundation and BStartup Health from Banco Sabadell. It has recently received Neotec and CaixaResearch Consolidate.

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Quant Biomarkers

Quant Biomarkers is focused on evaluation of multiple dimensions of aging with the mission to advance biomarker technologies and support interventions in longevity medicine. As an AI powered novel tech platform it will further contribute to the creation of analytics linked to biological age.

Quant Biomarkers will deliver synthesis and validation of a tangible, effective, and personalized assessment that supports interventions and therapeutic modalities for a healthy lifespan.

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Blazar is predicting response to cancer therapies by deploying statistical and deep learning models to patients' clinical data. We paid special attention to immunotherapies for their therapeutic efficacity. Blazar's focus market is response and resistance oncology treatment biomarkers.

For Blazar this means creating productivity tools for centralized pathology labs, and smart software that automates biomarker analysis for improved clinical results. Our products are co-designed with clinicians and clinical trial coordinators.

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CBR Genomics

CBR Genomics is a MedTech company that merges Genetics with Medicine and Technology. We have developed an innovative Genomics-as-a-Service approach - DNA.files - to support clinical decisions based on DNA data.

Built upon the latest advances in Genetics and DNA sequencing technology, DNA.files services screen for hundreds of genetic diseases, of high clinical relevance at different stages of life: from newborn up to adulthood, both symptomatic or asymptomatic.

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Stress Point Health

Stress Point Health believes good mental health is a right and not a privilege. Our first product is SPHERE, a unique digital therapy app offering digitised Neurofeedback for the first time. The app makes help for stress, anxiety or PTSD, available anytime, anywhere.

By combining the latest digital technology with Neurofeedback science, SPHERE helps break unhealthy cycles in the brain to achieve good mental health. Digitised Neurofeedback enables the brain to develop healthier patterns intrinsically, without the need for consistent external stimuli.

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We provide clinicians with a web-based care management platform for their Parkinson’s patients, allowing clinicians to customise care plans for patients, monitor their progress and adjust care accordingly.

Patients download a mobile app which delivers their care programme, analyses their voice and tracks their progress for their therapist. Many patients will have cognitive, physical or technological difficulties so our app is streamlined and very simple to use.

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Tonic App

Tonic App is an all-in-one medical platform targeted to the healthcare professionals, our users. Tonic App connects doctors and gives them access to the best professional resources in a single platform, solving the massive fragmentation of tools & knowledge that physicians need to use these days for their day-to-day work.

Our medical platform includes video consultation, ePrescription, case discussion tool, medical calculators, clinical decision trees, patient support programs, search engines for congresses, guidelines and reimbursement and diagnosis codes, healthcare news, jobs and more.

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Komed Health

Komed Health developed a messaging platform for healthcare professionals to connect them on one single interface in real-time. The Komed platform combines a consumer-like user experience for clinical communication with security, privacy, and clinical workflow requirements that today's healthcare organizations require, empowering physicians and care teams to accelerate productivity and improve patient outcomes.

Komed platform is built to become the "All-in-one" communication hub in healthcare, providing one single interface aggregating data from a variety of different sources. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing healthcare systems to push actionable, real-time patient data at the fingertips of doctors and nurses.

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BrainTale is an innovative company opening a new era in medicine by providing physicians with clinically validated prognostic solutions for the management of brain injured patients through sensitive and reliable measurements of brain white-matter microstructure alterations.

Building on more than 15 years in clinical development, BrainTale’s products are developed collaboratively to address medical need and fulfil expectations of healthcare professionals and patients alike.

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EMOFACE is developing applications and training services to support autistic people throughout their lives. Our first application, Emoface Play&Learn Emotions, proposes playful activities in interaction with 3D avatars in order to train socio-emotional skills such as: recognizing the emotions of others out of and in context, expressing and managing emotions, and understanding the intentions of others.

The advantage of using AI-driven 3D animations of emotional avatars is that Emoface can deliver a controllable and adapted learning content, depending on the specific needs of the user.

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Spiorad Medical Ltd

We at Spiorad are developing our innovative solution for the closure of large French 12F-24F femoral artery access sites. Our aim is provide ease of use solutions to the interventionalists challenge, resulting in the best possible clinical outcome and optimum recovery for patients.

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We are developing a low-cost, at-home device delivering a seamless blood test experience. It is designed to measure the complete blood counts (cbc) with 5-part WBC differentials and a panel of kidney and liver functions. The use cases include remote collection of blood data for decentralized clinical trials, monitoring of the side effects of chemotherapy and other drugs and add-on device to support telemedical consultation.

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BH4U is developing next-generation solutions for skin-interacting medical devices that improve your health and quality of life, maintaining your skin healthy by using sustainable biomaterials.

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The Connected Patient

Powering the future of digital health and therapeutics - Improve patient experience, gather real world evidence, improve outcomes and drive efficiency in managing patients remotely.

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