Meet our 2022 Cohort 1

DIVE Medical SL

Dive Medical SL transforms the way you explore the vision to get more objective data to enable better medical decisions through technology based on Eye Tracking and Artificial Intelligence to offer a universal solution for complete examinations and screening of visual function, suitable from 6 months of age and for the evaluation of children with neurological problems.

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Respiratory Analytics Ltd

Transforming respiratory outcomes with AI and data analytics Aflo uses AI, sensors and hyper-personalised data to get medication deep into the lungs, improving asthma, COPD and cystic fibrosis outcomes and improve the management of respiratory conditions for patients and clinicians, saving lives, reducing costs and improving outcomes.

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HidraMed Solutions

Development and supply of adhesive free wound dressing products for hidradenitis suppurativa and difficult to dress chronic wounds. HidraMed Solutions was founded by HS patient Suzanne Moloney, and designed with user needs and user experience at the core. HidraMed Solutions offers a direct to consumer service through an online purchasing portal, and in tandem is reimbursed in several markets for greater patient access.

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identifyHer is a digital health company providing predictive health services for women going through the menopausal transition and beyond. There are no strategies to specifically address the healthcare needs of women, despite presenting different symptoms and prevalence rates for some chronic diseases to men. Women are underdiagnosed, receive sub-optimal care, are underrepresented in clinical trials and can be twice as likely to suffer adverse events from drugs. There is little consideration to the effect of menopausal symptoms on future health risk and, collectively, this results in women living ~20% of their lives with chronic disease.

identifyHer will use biosensor enabled AI to achieve our ambitious mission: 'increase the number of DISEASE FREE YEARS to allow women to live HEALTHY, LONGER'

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Beyond BMI

We're an innovative digital health company that provides people who are living with obesity to receive medical and dietary treatment for their obesity. We are an end-to-end telemedicine obesity treatment solution for men. We partner with the leading clinical obesity specialists to enable them to offer their medical solutions to our client base who are looking for evidence-based solutions to lose weight and gain health.

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Diagante develops preanalytical in vitro diagnostic medical devices based on a programmable nanomaterial that allows the preservation and the processing of solid samples. We enable rapid and high throughput diagnosis on all solid tissues. Diagante’s technology intends to blur the lines separating pathology and laboratory medicine, providing access to the analytical power of the instruments used to analyse biological fluids.

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Clinical trials can provide patients with innovative treatments. helps find your personalised trial options. It’s easy, fast, and free. We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to build solutions for healthcare challenges. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, and with offices in Berlin and Croatia, the company’s mission is to improve healthcare for ALL. We help connect patients with the latest innovations in medical research, while helping trial sponsors recruit as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to reduce delays in research.

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OMICS-Chart-IO integrates high-dimensional complex molecular data and the most recent scientific research to support the decision-making process in personalized and precision medicine in immuno-oncology, leading to improvements in quality of treatment and outcome for cancer patients.

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Fride Pharma Ltd

Fride Pharma is focused on innovations & technologies for better management of Mental Diseases. Our mission is to bring new classes of drugs to enable caring physicians to provide better treatment to patients with Mental Diseases. The company is managed and empowered with people who believe in the company’s vision of improving Schizophrenia and Tourette syndrome patients’ and families’ wellbeing.

To learn more about Fride Pharma Ltd: is a SaaS based platform designed to support hospitals reduce waiting list times. Their solution is a strategic clinical design tool that enables hospitals to make better capacity planning decisions by ensuring clinics and departments are designed to maximum efficiency. Beginning the analysis journey in Diagnostics, as these tests and procedures are a critical part of the patient pathway. Through the use of machine learning the software processes and analyses a clinics historical data to predict future demands. We then provide evidence based data intelligence and insights that allows hospitals to make the right strategic decisions when it comes to planning delivery performance. also identifies current design inefficiencies and presents a plan on how to improve clinic set-up, based on real time resources and capacity. The report presented shows all major results on how to best design the clinic, ensuring service delivery enables a reduction in waiting times.

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Plio Surgical

Plio Surgical identifies anastomosis leakage as a key issue that GI surgeons encountered during bowel resection procedures and started developing a solution using the Stanford BioDesign methodology.

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Cadova Health

Cadova Health is a Digital Health company focused on achieving better patient outcomes through a novel AI detection solution for early stage detection of breast cancer. Candova is grounded in scientific research from the University of Limerick and Lero, the world leading Science Foundation Ireland research center for software.

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OptiChroniX is a Swiss Digital Therapeutics company dedicated to improving brain health early. We strive to optimize lifestyle and make medicine smart, so as to improve clinical outcomes, quality of life, cost-effectiveness, and budget impact of clinical treatment.

At OptiChroniX, we develop digital health interventions at the intersection ofbiomedical, behavioral, computing, and engineering research, deployed on smartphones to personalize and track a patient’s health progress by collecting data from other wearables and nearables. The informed choices offered aim to provide tailored coaching in order to improve health literacy and medication adherence and to positively impact modifiable risk factors primarily responsible for the cognitive decline in patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease and associated co-morbidities.

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Breaz vision is to provide universal and timely diagnosis to enable life-saving treatments worldwide. Our first focus is on COPD, a chronic obstructive respiratory disease which is highly invisible and often diagnosed too late, making it the third most common cause of death and a major cause of disability globally.

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CMYK Ingredients

We design, certify and produce prototype batches of foods demanded by the new generations due to the usability, product form, fun flavors and microbiome solutions. The prototypes are ready for retail and pharmaceutical shelves, online and individual sales models. New products that we develop are: 100% clean label 100% wellness-minded 100% organic*.

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Instantly measure your horse’s temperature with any of four standard microchip scanners (for animals that have a Bio-Thermo chip).The App instantaneously records this on the animal's personal, easy to read graph, allowing rapid identification of any disease process and daily health monitoring.

Veterinarians and trainers can create a treatment list on the App. When staff scan a microchip, they will see exactly what is required and how much. Suggestions are built-in for competition withdrawal times, to allow farms to develop their own withdrawal times specific to their needs.

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