Empowering Female Healthcare & Life Science Innovators

Grit International Female Accelerator aims to enable female entrepreneurs operating in digital health and life science-with the knowledge and confidence-required to scale their individual business. There is no cost to participate and no equity taken.

This acceleration programme will provide hands-on support and allow participants to gain access to accumulated knowledge, skills, healthcare and life science entrepreneurial expertise. This access will be supported by weekly innovative online meetings, interactive workshops, exclusive masterclasses led by our core partners, established mentor network, and a growing international alumni network.

Grit accelerator is operated through GDTHealth Network (Global Digital Technologies Health Network) Not-for-profit membership organisation, operating as a Company Limited by Guarantee. We provide a global network for digital health & life science to collaborate with industry, academia and public sector organisations.

We support cutting edge research and development, commercialisation and global growth of technology solutions. And encourage and facilitate innovative ways of working together.

7 Further Reasons To Participant In Grit

1. Opportunities to grow your business through international collaboration

2. Gain greater understanding of the many challenges faced-when working outside your home market

3. Build lifelong relationships with other international female participants

4. Develop a business case for digital transformation in your business

5. Establish the infrastructure for digital transformation

6. Evaluate who you aspire to be- as a leader

7. Get investment ready-by understanding your individual business funding requirements

Bespoke Female Accelerator

There is significant evidence that female entrepreneurs face unique challenges in starting and growing businesses, particularly in emerging markets. Accelerator programmes, which are designed to help start-up businesses achieve scale, represent one potential model for overcoming these challenges through support services and investment.

Bespoke female accelerator programmes, examines through two lenses: first, delivery of best approaches to support female entrepreneurs; and second, addressing the significant confidence and knowledge gap around fundraising, and therefore developing and designing an accelerator that would provide specific support targeting knowledge and negotiating skills.

"No cost to participate and no equity taken"

Diane Nevin, CEO & Startup Programme Director

The Role of Gender in Start-up Funding

Sourcing venture capital is often one of the primary factors that a start-up can succeed or fail. While gender diversity contributes to start-up success, most funding is allocated to male-only entrepreneurial teams.

Women in global healthcare industries, makes up 50% to 75% of the workforces. However, the health technology, female led, by comparison, continues to struggle with a significant gender gap, its workforce is only about one-quarter female.

Health technology, a growing field that includes medical device, device-based diagnostic, digital health, and health information technology companies, sits squarely between the healthcare and high-technology industries. However, its gender landscape remains undefined.

Our objective is to improve this current metric through the learnings obtained within our Grit programme.

Our Vision

To enable female entrepreneurs in digital health and life science, with the confidence and skills required to scale a global business. We will do this through our virtual accelerator, connecting entrepreneurs, building networks and partnerships with other organisations who share our global vision.

Our Mission

To facilitate a transfer of knowledge-in digital health and life science. To analyse key digital transformation frameworks and strategies. To encourage all female participants to always start and re-evaluate the ‘need’ and not jump in with a solution. To make ongoing user engagement paramount-throughout all areas of their business models.

Meet Our Team

Diane Nevin

CEO & Startup Programme Director

Laila Engkat

International Digital Marketing & Events Manager

Kristina Eskenazi

AI & Cyber Security Consultant

Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson

Digital Health Consultant

Advisory Team

Diane Nevin

CEO & Startup Programme Director

Eilísh Hardiman

Chief Executive at Children’s Health Ireland

Eibhlin Mulroe

Chief Executive at Cancer Trials Ireland

Barbara Skerritt

Senior Director, Innovation Delivery at ICON plc-Ireland

Susan Neenan

Senior Director, Global Vendor Relationship, Risk Management at Alexion Pharm International Operations Ireland

Conor Russell

Vice President of Operations at Boston Scientific Ireland

Sarita Johnson

Director, Business Planning at Capstone Business Advisors Limited

Joann Rhodes

Chief Executive at Health Innovation Research Alliance – Northern Ireland (HIRANI)

Anna King

Commercial Director at Health Innovation Network-NHS South London UK

Agne Vaitkeviciene

Executive Director at Lithuanian Biotechnology Association-Lithuania

Ligia Kornowska

Medical doctor & Managing Director of the Polish Hospital Federation-Poland

Professor Sarah Wamala Andersson

Professor of Health and Welfare Technology Malardalen University-Sweden

Kristina Eskenazi

Founder of Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria & Chair of Bulgarian Bio-Scientific Society Artificial Intelligence-Bulgaria

Hrvoje Belani

Head of Sector for IS Implementation and Improvement at Directorate for e-Health at Ministry of Health of the Republic of Croatia

Jennie Lynch

Senior Vice President, Life Sciences at Enterprise Ireland, Boston, Massachusetts, United State

P.J Moloney

CEO & Founder, Chief Scientific Officer & Director at P4ML, Dubai UAE

Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson

Digital Health Expert at RMIT, University Melbourne, Australia

Who Should Apply

International female start-ups and diverse teams that are operating in digital health and life science. The business must be at proof of concept stage, preferably with some investment already obtained. The business must be scalable and innovative.

Applications are currently closed. We will be open for new applications in June 2022. Please submit your interest and company details through the F6S button or Google From below.

Participate Benefits

Programme Learnings

Closed Programme Timeline

1st December 2021
21st February 2022
22nd March 2022
27th January 2022
15th February 2022
10th February
03rd February 2022
7th February 2022

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